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  • Girl’s Day Stylist Instagram Update :: 140726

@chs_f.choi: 오늘 MBC 음악중심 걸스데이 1위 했어요^^ 너무 축하해^^♡ #걸스데이 #달링#Darling#MBC#음악중심#축하해 #stylist #fchoi

@chs_f.choi: Today, Girl’s Day won 1st place on MBC Music Core^^ Many congrats^^♡ #GirlsDay #Darling #Darling #MBC #MusicCore #Congrats #stylist #fchoi

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Girl’s Day won on Music Core! ♡

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HyeRa - A guide on how to converse

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hyeri and yuras communication

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hey guys o/ so it’s been almost a year since i’ve started this gsd blog and i’ve recently gained 2k followers in the time in between. i just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed my mediocre edits and put up with my fangirling and dumb jokes ( you guys remember the sweet potato one otl ). 
also, since this is only a side blog and i just wanted to include some gsd blogs i think everyone should follow and a few other blogs that i love to death and reblog from constantly on my main. ♡
( super sorry if i forgot anyone. i’m lazy otl )

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Silly Hyeri moments → requested by anonymous

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majestylordbastard said: can i just have the love because i cant find the video shorter than an hour

… I can spare a little, I suppose 


sullli said: if you have windows. there’s movie maker on it and i usually import really long vids and cut them to the sections i want before giffing in ps. idk if that helps otl

I don’t ;n; But you just reminded me that I have imovie oh my god why didn’t I think of that. kisses u omg. I’ll try tomorrow because I’m dead tired now but bless u i feel so dumb right now